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Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - 7.25 Ratti Natural Certified ..


Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone - 7.25 Ratti Natural Certified - Red Coral ( Munga/Moong) Rashi Ratan Gemstone - for Men and Women




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7.25 ratti

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Welcome to Todani Gems, your premier destination for the finest gemstones. Discover a world of handpicked gemstones and exquisite gemstone jewelry.
Introducing the Captivating Moonga (Coral) Gemstone:

1. Fiery Red Beauty: fiery red beauty exudes a captivating charm, resembling the intense passion of a glowing ember.

2. Vitality and Energy: energetic properties, believed to enhance physical vitality and stimulate life force within the wearer.

3. Protection and Courage: associated with Mars, offering protective energies and instilling courage during challenging times.

4. Astrological Significance: a powerful gemstone for various astrological signs, bestowing strength and determination.

5. Versatile Glamour: the Moonga Gemstone adds a touch of bold glamour to your ensemble.

6. Symbol of Passion: symbol of passion and determination, inspiring you to pursue your dreams with fervor.
1 Ratti = 0.186 grams
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