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Ruby(Manikya) Gemstone Panchdhatu Ring - 7.25 Ratti - Natura..More




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7.25 Ratti

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Welcome to Todani Gems, your premier destination for the finest gemstones. Discover a world of handpicked gemstones and exquisite gemstone jewelry.
Introducing the Alluring Ruby Gemstone:

1. Passionate Red Brilliance: passionate red brilliance exudes a captivating charm, symbolizing love and courage.

2. Vitality and Energy: energetic properties, believed to enhance vitality and bring a zest for life to the wearer.

3. Love and Romance: associated with the heart chakra, fostering love, romance, and emotional well-being.

4. Astrological Significance: a powerful gemstone for various astrological signs, bringing success and prosperity.

5. Timeless Glamour: the Ruby Gemstone adds timeless glamour to any jewelry piece.

6. Symbol of Strength: symbol of strength and determination, encouraging you to overcome challenges.

The positive effects of wearing gemstones aren?t hidden from everyone. The power is said to immensely affect those who really believe in them.
1 Ratti = 0.186 grams

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Product Information

Ring Size

Adjustable- 13 to 26 mm


7.25 Ratti


1 Panchdhatu Ring with Gemstone Attached

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