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Sulemani Hakik Gemstone - 7.25 Ratti Natural Certified -Karm..


Sulemani Hakik Gemstone - 7.25 Ratti Natural Certified -Karmic Healing - Sulemani Hakeek Rashi Ratan Gemstone - for Men and Women




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7.25 ratti

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Welcome to Todani Gems, your premier destination for the finest gemstones. Discover a world of handpicked gemstones and exquisite gemstone jewelry.
Introducing the Mysterious Sulemani Hakik (Black Agate) Gemstone:

1. Mystical Black Beauty: mysterious black beauty exudes an enigmatic allure, captivating the imagination.

2.Grounding and Protection: believed to provide stability and protect against negative energies.

3. Spiritual Connection: root chakra, fostering a deep sense of inner peace and spiritual connection.

4. Astrological Significance: This gemstone is considered powerful for various astrological signs, bringing balance and positivity.

5.Versatile Elegance: Whether set in rings or bracelets, the Sulemani Hakik Gemstone adds a touch of elegant mystery to your style.

6.Symbol of Wisdom: Sulemani Hakik is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, enhancing mental clarity and intuition.

The positive effects of wearing gemstones aren?t hidden from everyone. The power is said to immensely affect those who really believe in them.
1 Ratti = 0.183 grams

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